A320 landing gear system

The landing gear is the sole direct link between the airframe and tarmac and is vital to the safe conclusion of the flight. A full landing gear overhaul is a task for specialists that requires the use of special tools, equipment and technology. For this reason, for some long time many airlines have sub-contracted this work to organizations with commensurate equipment and know-how, but according to Sharafbafi Iran Air is now able to do the job itself. Under the cruel sanctions, Iran could not import aviation products to the country.

A320 landing gear system

The fire shut-off valve handles electrically control the operation of the fire shut-off valves. The controls for the components that we have introduced are located on the overhead hydraulic control panel.

The PTU is located in the main landing gear bay. The blue electric pump and the RAT are located in the blue hydraulic bay, whereas the blue reservoir is at the rear of the main landing gear.

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EDP 1 is fitted on the accessory gearbox. The green reservoir is located in the main landing gear bay. The yellow reservoir and electric pump are located in the yellow hydraulic bay.

EDP 2 is fitted on the accessory gearbox.

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The blue electric pump starts automatically when any one of the engines operates due to an electric logic. The PTU starts automatically thanks to its hydro-mechanical detection system in order to power the green or the yellow system from the powered side. Two deploy solenoids are available to extend the RAT.

The RAT retraction is electrically controlled and hydraulically operated provided the blue hydraulic system is pressurized. In the hydraulic compartments, the reservoir level, the air pressurization and accumulator nitrogen charge are monitored by direct reading gages for maintenance checks.

When you work on the hydraulic system, make sure that you obey all the AMM safety procedures.


Here is an overview of main safety precautions relative to the Hydraulic Power system. Make sure that the ground safety-locks and warning notices are in position.

Make sure that the hydraulic system in maintenance is isolated before you pressurize the other hydraulic systems. Make sure that the travel ranges of the flight controls are clear.

Do not get hydraulic fluid or hot gas from hydraulic reservoir on your body. Use protective clothing to prevent risk of poisoning and burns. Use solvents, cleaning agents, sealants and other special materials in a ventilated area.

To prevent inadvertent breathing or contact with your body, use applicable gloves, eye protection and face mask.The 'Neo' family is the latest generation of Airbus A 'neo' stands for New Engine Option; with larger and more efficient ph-vs.com A Neo also incorporate the new sharklets (wingtips).

This A Neo by the JARDesign team is an advanced simulation of the aircraft based on the real system. Superb 3D Modeling in and out. Perfect external 3D model with Airbus' sharklet design and. Already the incumbent landing gear supplier for the A family, Safran Landing Systems was selected in to supply landing gears for the latest generation Airbus single aisle.

Enhancements have been introduced to the current gears to meet the requirements of the new generation aircraft whilst maintaining the proven in-service performance record of . An exactly analysis of the landing gear, as designed on modern aircraft’s, is necessary to understand the construction and systems of the landing gear of the Airbus A Operation of the landing gear is made possible through extension/retraction, steering, braking and damping systems.

Transcript of Airbus Hydraulic System. Airbus A Hydraulic System The Airbus Local electrical hydraulic generation system Landing Gear, Steering, and Breaking Electrical Backup Hydraulic Actuator, EBHA Flight controls.

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More presentations by Josh Unger. Q 5: If the landing gear was gravity extended using the hand crank on the center pedestal, landing gear position must be verified through: A: The landing gear viewers.

B: The landing gear indications depicted on the ECAM and, if available, the center panel LDG GEAR indicator panel lights.

A320 landing gear system

Recent advances on EMA technology for Landing Gear Systems: Braking System Extension/Retraction System / A A / Mixt power for A/C systems 2H2E A / KC / JSF THE FUTURE OF ELECTRICAL LANDING GEARS 1.

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