Causes of gang involvement

Policy makers can use the theoretical understanding to design policies that not only address remedies to the current crime problem, but also find the underlying cause of crime. Criminal justice practitioners can use criminological theories to address the cause of crime rather than simply incarcerate offenders.

Causes of gang involvement

By Caitlin Soard Gang violence in high school is a problem that almost all communities face. Many teenagers who do not have a good home life and feel unaccepted or want to have a "family" will turn to gangs. Teens who have friends who are in gangs are also likely to join a gang due to peer pressure.

Preventing Gang Involvement

Gang activity and violence is something that can be hard to prevent once teens are in the gang, especially in bigger cities. According to the annual National Youth Gang Survey, programs to help kids that are at risk can greatly reduce the amount of teens who get involved with gangs.

Causes of Gang Violence in High School The causes of gang violence in schools, and in cities in general, can vary greatly. Many adolescents who do not feel that they have any type of family at home will turn to gangs.

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To be accepted into the gang, teens often have to commit some Causes of gang involvement of crime or go through hazing. Hazing is usually considered forcing a new member of a group, such as a fraternity, sorority, or a gang, to perform an embarrassing or illegal act to be accepted into the group.

Causes of gang involvement

Hazing is often found in high schools, colleges, and gangs, and it can become cruel. Many schools have strict policies about the hazing of underclassmen by the school's upper classmen. Some hazing rituals involve harassing members of other gangs, and gang violence in high school can result because of retaliation to hazing.

Other reasons for gang violence are as follows: The use and sale of drugs Alcohol and underage drinking Gang rivalries Fights among members of the same gang or of other gangs Causes for acts of violence among individuals are much more complex. Usually, teens from a bad home life or with psychological problems will turn to violence to solve their issues with peers as well as with their families.

Violence Statistics If you are looking for statistics on gang violence in high school, then the Internet is a good place to start. Using search engines like Google. There are also many books at your local library, but they may be a bit outdated if you are looking for the most recent statistics.

The reasons for this amount of violence can be seen in the childhoods of the gang members committing the crimes: Teens who have grown up in a violent home are often much more violent than teens who have not.

Affiliation with a gang isn't a crime under military law

Preventing Gang Involvement While the statistics of teen violence are alarming, there is much that can be done to prevent it. Programs to help at-risk kids, such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, can help to prevent violence when the kids get older, as well as help to keep them in school.

Parents who refuse to tolerate any type of violence can help prevent it as well, and making sure to keep an eye on teens who seem like their behavior has changed drastically can make possible teen violence or gang activity preventable.Course and Project Overview The purpose of this 4-credit class is to involve students in a series of readings and discussions that explore the causes and consequences of youth violence and gang .

To find a solution, we need to look at the causes of gang involvement. There are different reasons for different kids, but the following is a list of some of the possible reasons why kids would join a gang.

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Family involvement also a major aspect of the effect that increases the risk of a female joining a gang. The level at which a females family is involved has a lasting .

This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S. justifications for intervention, examines the brutal conduct of the war, and discusses the antiwar movement, with a separate section on protest songs. Gang Involvement Prevention Preventing youth involvement in gangs is an important issue.

Compared to non-gang members, gang members commit a disproportionate amount of violent crimes and offenses across the country.

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