Psycho movie 1960 essay

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Psycho movie 1960 essay

The old 'Psycho' gets a new rating - Content The old 'Psycho' gets a new rating Left to right, the original "Psycho" poster; the poster for a reissue with the "M" rating, the equivalent at the time of what is now PG; the back of a recent DVD release with the R rating prominently displayed.

Those who remember Universal re-releasing the Alfred Hitchcock film in may recall that it received an M rating, the equivalent at the time to what is now PG. But apparently the current ratings board, upon reviewing it once more, feels the film deserves an R. Considering the gore in some PG-rated movies these days, and the relatively bloodless violence depicted in "Psycho," giving Hitchcock's classic an R seems slightly ludicrous.

So why is "Psycho" being re-rated at all you ask? Therein lies a tale. Last year, Universal's Alfred Hitchcock series, which returned five of the most highly regarded films by "The Master of Suspense" to theaters for the first time in more than a decade — including "Vertigo" and "Rear Window" — was an enormous success.

So, naturally, a sequel is in the works. Universal is reportedly considering releasing other Hitchcock classics theatrically in a series package, as the studio has a total of 14 Hitch films in its vaults.

Psycho movie 1960 essay

Hitchcock, of course, worked for most of the majors during his Hollywood tenure and rights to his films are owned by eight studios. But Universal retains rights to "Shadow of a Doubt," "Saboteur" and "The Birds," which have reportedly been unavailable theatrically for some years though they frequently pop up on televisionas well as "Psycho," "Marnie," "Frenzy," "Family Plot" and "Topaz.

That would seem to be substantiated by Universal's submitting three of its Hitchcock classics to the ratings board two weeks ago. According to Variety's weekly listing or the most recently rated movies, "Saboteur," "Shadow of a Doubt" and "Psycho" were all submitted for ratings pending a theatrical reissue.

My personal experience with "Psycho," which I consider one of the best fright films ever made, dates back to its initial release, when I was I remember the notice in the lobby that no one would be admitted during the film's final 15 minutes, and the audience was urged not to give away the chilling twist ending.

The film is unique in many ways, and in my estimation remains without equal today. Perhaps most startling, however, is a trick Hitchcock devised that really put his audience off-guard. He made the entire first third of the movie a red herring, removing the film's star, Janet Leigh, with one of the most famous scenes in all of cinema — the shower murder in a room at the Bates Motel.

Like everyone else who saw the film, I refused to get behind a shower curtain for months, but I also saw the film's artistic value, which escaped me in most movies up to that time. I took my wife to see it at an Army post in Germany inafter its reissue, and I refused to tell her anything about it.

She had heard about the shower scene, of course, but the rest was a complete surprise. When it was over, she said, "I'll never forgive you for that. And an interesting thing happened. I had forgotten about most of it, except for the shower scene and the climax, and in fact I remembered it as quite a blood-ridden film, with several graphic killings.

I was expecting something on par with "Halloween," which had come out a year earlier, or perhaps some of the subsequent, even gorier horror films. Instead I got "Psycho," which, beyond its artistic merits, boasts only two killing scenes, and we never see that knife connect with skin.

Hitchcock knew how to make us see the gore in our minds without showing it to us on the screen — an art that has long since escaped most modern filmmakers.

Now, of course, "Psycho" is available on videotape and is occasionally shown on television, and no doubt seems quite mild to today's young audiences.

Then, of course, there was "Psycho II" last year, which started out quite bloodless but caved in with a few gore scenes toward the end, earning its R. But to rate the original "Psycho" R, unless Universal has thrown in something Hitchcock left out, seems once more to point up the discrepancies in the ratings system.

I'm just saying, as I often say, that the ratings board is extremely inconsistent. But that's a little like advising you that the sky is blue.Throughout the movie PSYCHO, I noticed several points where it seemed that an object or person was going downward.

For instance, the rain descending for quite a long period of time in the beginning when Marion left town with the stolen money. Psycho Spawned the Slasher Flick, writes Adam Rosenberg at MTV: "On June 16, , 'Psycho' premiered in New York City.

On that night, the world saw the birth of the slasher genre and one of the. The Greatness of “Psycho” “Psycho” remains a movie made with Hitchcock’s own money—but not a movie about himself.

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Jun 16,  · Half a century ago today, on June 16, , Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho had its world premiere in New York City, and in the 50 years since it has become the rare movie .

Psycho movie 1960 essay

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