Spelman college essay questions

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Spelman college essay questions

Assignment - Meet with Dr. Lockett for Final Consultation Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lockett to review your article and discuss course progress. Assignment - Peer review and copy edit First, take the "Peer Review" online training. On the Articles tab, find the articles that you want to review, and then assign them to yourself in the Review column.

Peer review your classmates' drafts.

Spelman college essay questions

Leave suggestions on on the Talk page of the article, or sandbox, that your fellow student is working on. Other editors may be reviewing your work, so look for their comments!

Be sure to acknowledge feedback from other Wikipedians. As you review, make spelling, grammar, and other adjustments. Pay attention to the tone of the article.

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Assignment - Respond to your peer review You probably have some feedback from other students and possibly other Wikipedians. It's time to work with that feedback to improve your article! Read Editing Wikipedia pages 12 and Return to your draft or article and think about the suggestions. Decide which ones to start implementing.

Reach out to your instructor or your Content Expert if you have any questions. Milestones Every student has finished reviewing their assigned articles, making sure that every article has been reviewed. Milestones Everyone should have finished all of the work they'll do on Wikipedia, and be ready for grading.

Assignment - Polish your work Continue to expand and improve your work, and format your article to match Wikipedia's tone and standards.

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Remember to contact your Content Expert at any time if you need further help! Week 9 Tuesday, 28 March In class - Begin moving your work to Wikipedia Once you've made improvements to your article based on peer review feedback, it's time to move your work to Wikipedia proper - the "mainspace.For each college that you apply to via the Common Application, you’re going to need to create a supplemental essay that answers that school’s specific questions while showcasing your talents and telling your story in a way that demonstrates your unique fit for that particular program.

Guide shows you where, when and how to apply for the top college grants and scholarships for Florida students, Read more now. In this article, I will be giving you advice on getting into Spelman College.

Spelman college essay questions

To begin, there are four things that are important when applying to Spelman. Those four things are your G.P.A, SAT/ACT scores, community service hours, and your application essay.

Jul 09,  · The essay exam, the written portion of the exam, is part of virtually every state bar exam the subjects tested, the number of questions, and the overall format. spelman college essay prompt Immigration is also now geared to the needs of the australian labour market the advantage of guest workers is that when their labour is no.

Nov 27,  · Spelman College Essay? I find myself in the process. I am on a journey, and I do not think any other school besides Spelman College can make this journey larger than life. Ask a Question. Related Topics. Essays? College Students Who Delibrately Flunk Courses?

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