The historical even leading up to the election

He returns to his regiment in Munich, later in the year. His activities involve making speeches to the troops advocating German nationalism and anti-Socialism, where he developed further his oratory skills.

The historical even leading up to the election

Here are some key moments in… MALE, Maldives AP — The Maldives on Sunday holds its third-ever multiparty presidential election, as political tumult continues a decade after democracy was introduced to the Indian Ocean archipelago. Gayoom signs a new constitution allowing multiparty elections and other democratic reforms.

The constitution says Islam is the only religion Maldivians can legally practice. Dozens of people are injured and many arrested. The military arrests a top criminal court judge after he released an opposition leader who had been detained without warrant for allegedly defaming the government.

Vice President Mohamed Waheed is sworn in as new head of state. Nasheed wins first round of presidential elections but without a clear majority.

Supreme Court annuls first-round result after a candidate alleges irregularities. Yameen wins runoff election.

Nasheed is arrested on terrorism charges.


Supporters protest in the capital. Nasheed is sentenced to 13 years in prison in a trial widely seen as lacking due process. Authorities call it an assassination attempt. Vice President Ahmed Adeeb is arrested on charges of involvement in the alleged assassination attempt.

Nasheed is granted permission to travel to Britain for spinal surgery. Adeeb is convicted of plotting to assassinate Yameen and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Authorities issue arrest warrant for Nasheed for failing to return to Maldives.

Nasheed allies with former President Gayoom to challenge Yameen. Maldives leaves the British Commonwealth, saying the group has sought to interfere in its politics. From exile in London, Nasheed says he plans to contest presidential election despite his outstanding prison sentence in Maldives.

Security forces lock down Parliament after opposition lawmakers storm the compound in an attempt to prevent a vote to impeach the parliamentary speaker. Opposition lawmaker Qasim Ibrahim is jailed for more than three years on charges of bribery and plotting to overthrow the government.

Supreme Court orders the release of convicted politicians, including Nasheed. The government says it will not enforce the order and declares a state of emergency.

Security forces storm the Supreme Court and arrest two justices. Later, they arrest Gayoom. Authorities accuse them of plotting to overthrow the government.

Authorities charge Gayoom and the two justices with terrorism. Yameen lifts the day state of emergency. The justices are sentenced to more than 19 months in prison on charges of influencing lower court decisions.

The historical even leading up to the election

A court sentences Gayoom to 19 months in prison for failing to cooperate with a police investigation. Opposition alliance names lawmaker Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from the Maldivian Democratic Party as its candidate for president after Nasheed abandons plans to contest the election.

Solih says he fears the government will rig the election. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.Hitler's rise and fall: Timeline Updated Monday 20th August Track the key events in Hitler's life, from his childhood in Austria to his suicide in the bunker in Berlin.

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The historical even leading up to the election

It was. Jul 03,  · Even amid the wall-to-wall cable coverage and poll frenzies and day-before-the-election, man-on-the-street interviews with still-undecided voters and shock (shock!) when a candidate flip-flops, every four years, there's a sense that this time — this time — is different.

Differences in General Election Poll Accuracy by Survey Design A hallmark of the current election polling era is the tremendous variation in how polls are designed and conducted. The historiography of World War I is immense, more than 25, volumes and articles even before next year’s centenary.

Still, Clark, and Sean McMeekin, in “July ,” offer new perspectives.